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R & D Innovation

R & D Innovation

High quality, reliable gold and stone

Quality creates a brand, and perfect quality comes from strict and comprehensive quality management. From the very beginning, Gaoyu Electronics has focused on product quality with a strategic height, solidly, starting from the subtleties; the production and manufacturing processes of the products strictly follow the international quality management system and have reached the international leading level.

Gaoyu Electronics has a complete set of advanced testing equipment and advanced technology to strictly control the quality of the entire process of products. Detection: integrated circuit high temperature dynamic test system, high temperature reverse bias test system, etc. Gaoyu Electronics has completed a series of certifications to effectively standardize our quality assurance system. The goal of Gaoyu Electronics is to let our customers rest assured to use and live with peace of mind. The value of Gaoyu Electronics is to make customers worry-free.

Whether it is purchased parts, components or self-manufactured products, they all follow the global unified quality control process standard system, so as to ensure the product performance and quality without fail, and make customers worry-free. Through the effective control of ERP.MES and bar code system, the production, processing and testing of all Gaoyu Electronics products are traceable, realizing continuous optimization of quality management.